Tips to Know Before Planning a Party in a Restaurant or Bar

Are you planning to throw a lavish party for your family members and friends on your upcoming birthday? Have you finalized everything- the cake, cuisines, and invitees? What about the venue? Where are you going to organize this lavish event? At your home, farm, restaurant or a bar? The space you have in your home might not be enough for such a large number of people. You can opt for a farm if you want it to be more comfortable, otherwise, restaurants or bars would be just perfect to plan a high-class party.

The restaurants are said to be the perfect party venues in Brighton because there you get everything ready, you need not have to plan everything separately. Like what genre of music you want to be played? What would be the cuisine? What beverages your guests would like to have and many other such things. The Brighton’s party venues are having everything ready for you. You just have to select from the available menu and you’re all set for the party.

Here are a few tips that you can consider while planning a party in a restaurant or bar. Let us have a look:

  • Plan ahead- Always start planning for an upcoming event within a due course of time. Don’t make it delayed because a planning takes a lot of your time and effort. Start from the type of event you want to have a full-fledged dinner party or a night disco party with some cocktails and snacks. What will be the date and day of the event? Narrow down your wish list and then start searching for a restaurant or a bar.
  • Scout it out- After figuring out the basic details, it is the time when you should start hunting for your party venue. Get online and research about every restaurant and bars located in or around your vicinity. Filter your search according to your requirements like what you want- a private room with a loud music, casual dining or brunch event or any other thing. Lessen your searches and finalize a venue. Now move on further into the next phase of planning.
  • Befriend the bartender- Picked a venue? Now, take out some time to visit the place and meet the bartender. Consider visiting during the odd hours, i.e. less busy time. Meet the bartender, manager and other waitstaff and put before your proposed party plan. Be polite and friendly with them, ask if you can host a party at their place.
  • Discuss the details- After meeting bartender and waitstaff, consider taking every bit of detail related to the event. Ask them if they can host everything for you from decorations to cuisine arrangement, from music to cocktail selection and much more. Otherwise, ask them if you can come an hour ago to arrange the place according to your theme. Don’t assume that you can do anything if you’re renting a place for few hours. You have to abide by the restaurant’s rules and regulations.
  • Send transparent invitations– While sending invitations to your guests, consider staying transparent. It means that send them a clear invite either asking them to pay their own bill or inviting them as a formal guest (you be the host of the event). Hosting means that you’re going to pay the entire bill for the guests who have attended the party.
  • Curate the menu- Meet the chef and bartender of the restaurant or bar and work with them to come up with a smaller curated menu. The menu you select for the event should be within your budget and should include starters, entree and desserts. Combine the menu with the wine servings if you wish to. You can even get the menus printed based on the decided menu. This will be a convenient way to serve your guests.
  • Tip generously- If your party becomes a great success, reward the staff with some generous tip either by thanking them orally or handing over a well-written thank you note to them. Make sure that you pay the bill in a timely and private manner.