Two Mouth Watering Japanese Recipes

Chicken Sukiyaki is another popular Japanese cuisine. Sukiyaki is made traditionally with beef but chicken is also popular. I have heard that chicken sukiyaki originated from “Kyoto” (formerly the imperial capital of Japan). When you in are visiting Japan, make sure that you also visit Kyoto and if you like sukiyaki, please consider giving chicken sukiyaki a try.

Here is the recipe for making chicken sukiyaki.

Chicken Sukiyaki ( for two)


– Two fresh eggs
– 300 grams chicken
– one naga negi sliced 4 cms
– 1/4 hakusai
– One can mushroom
– One pack ito knonnyaku
– One Tofu
– 70 ml. soy sauce
– Three tablespoons of sugar
– One tablespoon of cooking oil


– Wash and slice the vegetables to your preferred size
– Pour cooking oil inside the frying pan and fry chicken until light brown.
– Add vegetables inside the frying pan
– Add soy sauce
– Add Sugar and mix
– When it boils, reduce fire
– When the chicken and vegetables are done, adjust the taste by adding soy sauce and sugar to desired taste.

Break fresh eggs and put into two separate bowls and use as a dip. It goes well with white rice. Best served hot.

Buta no kakuni teriyaki is another popular Japanese cuisine that I love eating. Buta kakuni is more popular as a home dish but is also served by some restaurants. Though it may look simple, it is tasty and can easily be prepared by anyone. The ingredients used are not hard to find and are commonly sold at Japanese groceries or you can get them online. Preparation only takes minutes and can be done easily even if you are in a tight schedule.

Buta no Kakuni Teriyaki (Pork Cubes Teriyaki Style)


– 500 grams pork sliced in cubes
– 100 ml. soy sauce
– 50ml. mirin
– 4 tablespoons of sugar


– Slice beef to cubes
– Boil pork about ten minutes.
– Add soy sauce, mirin and sugar
– Cook in slow fire
– Turn the pork regularly to get an even cook, mix until sauce becomes thick
– Put in a flat plate, add parsley around plate or other green vegetables that you like and is ready to serve

Best served with white rice and some green salad.

There are other similar ways to prepare these two recipes but these are the ones that I prefer following.